Independence 16-year-old charged with first degree murder to be tried as an adult

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 16 year-old boy is charged with a very adult crime. Prosecutors charged Tyrell Young with the first degree murder of James Hill in September.

“I`ve been told that it gets better, but so far it hasn`t,” said Janet Byrd, who lost her son on September 22. “I`ll never be able to touch him, talk to him, tell him I love him again... and it hurts. It hurts.”

Witnesses told Independence police that Tyrell Young pulled a gun on three people who were outside an Independence Walgreens store. He took a cell phone and purse from them.

The witnesses say James Hill ran after Young, and Young turned and shot him. Hill died the following day in the hospital.

“I don`t want him gone, I want him back. I miss him,” said Saundra Stephens, Hill’s older sister.

Stephens says she`s devastated with the loss because she and her little brother were very close. Saundra and her mom acknowledge that Hill had drug issues in the past, but they also say he was trying to straighten his life out.

They`re thankful prosecutors charged Young, and that he will be tried as an adult.

“Make that adult decision, then you should be tried as an adult,” added Stephens.

“I`m happy about it, but you know what, that young man`s life is ruined. Ruined, ruined, ruined because he took another life, and I feel bad for his family,” Byrd said.

Hill`s family says this is the first Christmas without him, and it`s hard to be excited. They hope justice will be served in the upcoming months.