Family devastated after their dog was “accidentally” euthanized

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HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina family is grieving after an animal shelter euthanized their pet dog.

Jake Jarvis told WLOS his dog “Indy” got loose the Thursday before Christmas, and animal control picked her up less than a mile from their home.

They told Jarvis he couldn’t pick her up immediately because the shelter was closed for the holiday.

“The AC officer told me I couldn’t pick her up until Tuesday when the reopened,” Jarvis told WLOS.  “He assured me she was fine and there was no way I could get her until after Christmas.”

Jarvis told WLOS he got tied up at work Tuesday and went to the shelter Wednesday when he learned they had put his dog to sleep.

Under shelter policy dogs left for more than three days are euthanized.

Because of this mistake, the shelter is now adding more steps to the process — including an extra check with the pet owner — to prevent another situation like Indy’s, but the Jarvis family says its too late.

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