Fuming Kansas City moms relieved that ‘mountain of trash’ is finally gone

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "It was just terrible. I mean very unhealthy. I have five little girls at home and that's just disgusting," said a frustrated Ashley Flora about a "mountain of trash" she says just kept growing in the parking lot at her apartment complex.

"So, many people drive by here and they can see all that. It's so embarrassing and it's a nasty eyesore," said Jeana Long, who's lived at Northeast View Apartments near Garfield and Lexington with her newborn, since March.

"Everybody in this apartment complex has kids. I have a 9-month-old. She falls to sleep you know drinking milk and it's just so unsafe in my apartment because mice have been crawling into my place. I recently caught six in traps. The other day I looked over on the couch and I saw one just looking up at me. It was a real mouse right next to me like it was watching tv with me. The mice have gotten worse around here due to all that trash piling up outside," said Long.

Several parents at the apartment complex in Kansas City's Old Northeast area say they complained to the property managers about the stinky smell and trash that kept blowing around complex, but to no avail.

"It's just so nasty and unsanitary for our kids because they come outside here and play, run around, but they can't do it really because there's all kinds of trash flying around," said an irritated Jeana Long.

A spokesperson for the disposal service says when the complex owners failed to pay their trash bill for the last three months, two weeks ago the Deffenbaugh stopped emptying dumpsters at the apartment complex.

"They paid their overdue bill to us on Thursday," said Lisa Disbrow, a spokesperson with Deffenbaugh.

By late Friday morning, FOX 4 was there when one of Deffenbaugh's huge trucks rolled into the complex.

Reporter Robert Townsend and Photographer Rachel Coleman watched as one worker began emptying two dumpsters.

Several tenants also kept a close eye on the worker, who at times, scooped up the trash on the ground with a shovel, dumped it in a discarded, plastic, child's swimming pool and then into a dumpster.

"It's one of the worst cases I've seen," said the worker who cleaned up the mess for quite some time.

Meantime, Tameka Harrell, an Assistant Property Manager at the complex declined to go on camera, but did say a number of people, who don't live at the complex, have consistently illegally dumped their trash into the the dumpsters at Northeast View.

"I really don't think that's true," said Ashley Flora and other tenants.

By late Friday, two main dumpsters had been emptied. Several dirty mattresses still stacked by the dumpsters and a commercial type dumpster still filled to the max with all kinds of trash.

Deffenbaugh's spokesperson says next week their workers will return to the Kansas City apartment complex and empty the commercial looking dumpster.

"I'm just happy they finally emptied the trash," said Lakeisha Epps, who lives at the complex with her two small children.

"Hopefully it won't get like this ever again," added a now relieved Ashley Flora.

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