Make 2017 happier and healthier with a mood makeover

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The New Year is upon us, a time when many people are looking to make their New Year’s resolutions. FOX 4 spoke with psychiatrist Dr. Todd Hill on why a “Mood Makeover” is an important component for a happier and healthier 2017.

"When our body is doing great, the mind tends to follow - likewise, when we are in a bad mood, depressed or angry -- those moods can actually contribute to a different health problems if left unchecked," Dr. Hill said.

Dr. Hill recommends focusing on what he calls, “mood points” – quick ways people can cultivate a healthier mindset:

• Check in with yourself - take note of how you are feeling each day, write down the positive points of your day and what you are grateful for.
• Avoid negative or toxic people in your life.
• Practice positive “self-talk” constantly – this could include guided imagery, prayer or meditation.
• Find out what puts a spark in your life and do that for just 10 minutes each day.
• Surround yourself with positive affirmations – put them on the walls of your home, on your phone and in your office.

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