Lee’s Summit High School marching band travels to London for New Year’s parade

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LONDON -- The Lee's Summit High School marching band performed in front of millions of people at the London New Year's Day parade on Sunday.

It's a new years tradition that brought 8,000 performers from around the world, including from here in the metro, all to perform in the famous London parade.

About an hour and a half into the parade, a name we recognize. A warm welcome for the golden tiger marching band.

A two minute performance, that was months in the making. Playing some of the music from their favorite movies, and a medley of Rocky songs, including 'Eye of the Tiger,' a perfect fit for these Golden Tigers.

"We have been working all fall, with our marching season. We have been finalizing the details on this routine for the past few months," Band Director Brady Finch said.

And they weren't the only familiar face we saw in the parade.

Dorothy followed the yellow brick road to Parliament Square.

It was a once in a lifetime memory for this band to start the new year.