Chiefs know they worked hard to win division and now have more work to do

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Travis Kelce

“Everybody’s just around each other again. The system that Coach Reid has, both the offense, defense, and special teams. Everybody’s playing together and you know, it’s just a fun team to be on. In the locker room, everybody’s having a blast.”

On Alex Smith….

‘Alex Smith, man. You can’t say enough about the guy… He’s my Q-B and I’m rockin’ with him every single day. I can’t wait to see where we can go with this.”

On Chiefs Kingdom in San Diego….

“Just to have the sea of red on our sideline, behind us like that, man it was, it felt like a home game. That’s why we love the Kingdom because they travel with us everywhere we’re going and they’re loud and proud.”

Jeremy Maclin:

maclin“This is only step one to achieve what we want to achieve so we’re here, we’re going to enjoy it right now. We know we’ve got a lot of work left to do.”

“We go all the way back to the goals that we set for ourselves as a football team with this organization; the hard work that we’ve put into it, to know that it paid off to get us to this point. We also understand that it’s only the beginning though.”

Dontari Poe

poe“Love it. I mean how could you not. We’re winners right now. We won the division… and like I said, they’re keeping our minds right to get ready for what’s coming, so we’re on our way up.”


berryEric Berry

“As long as we can control what we can control and keep moving forward, we’ll be fine.”

“You just gotta take advantage of the time and every opportunity and every moment is vital so we gotta treat it that way and we will and just move it forward in that manner.”

“We always look for plays we can make to help the team. Being able to adjust; that’s the game of football.”

Chris Jones

jones“It’s satisfying man, this is what we worked for all year. You put in a situation like this, man, we come out, have a bye and another game at home. This is what we’ve been focusing on all year.”

“There’s definitely work to do. We gotta get in and watch film…. we all gotta lock in. You know everybody gotta stay mentally focused here. ”

Eric Fisher

eric-fisher“It is an awesome feeling. We busted our butts out there this year and got rewarded for it.”

“We’re pretty excited about it. We gotta take advantage of the time we have off. Get our bodies back, get our minds right and just get ready for it.”

Tamba Hali

hali“It’s really satisfying at this point, just knowing we put so much effort towards this specific season but ever since Andy’s been here we’ve been working toward this and to accomplish this now is huge and we move forward knowing we have two more goals we need to accomplish is huge for our team.”

Tyreek Hill

tyreek“I just trust my teammates. Everybody did their job and like, they made it easy for me. So i just used my speed and outran everybody.”


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