Burglars ransack Northland home, leaving woman heartbroken after taking her mother’s ashes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Northland break-in left one woman heartbroken. She realized when she discovered the crime that the burglars stole irreplaceable items, including her mother's ashes.

She’s calling the break-in a reality check, saying it's something you hear about but never think will happen to you.

Debbie Stephens had just left for work on Tuesday morning when less than 10 minutes later, a neighbor noticed a beat up old red pickup truck pull into her driveway.

A man got out, and unbeknownst to the neighbor, busted through the backdoor and ransacked her family's home, taking everything from her and her husband's birth certificates and passports, to credit cards, jewelry, collector's items and clothing. But most important and irreplaceable to Stephens was a small heart-shaped box on her nightstand where her mother's ashes were stored.

img_4947“That was the only nick nack-type thing that was stolen. And that was probably the one that had the most sentimental value to me,” she said.

The unfortunate loss has left her feeling uneasy in her own home.

“Your privacy has just been so totally invaded and it`s just this weird, unsafe, almost creepy feeling to know that there were was a man or men going through your home when you`re not here, going through all of your personal belongings, dumping out all your drawers in your bedrooms,” she said.

“I mean, anything personal you have, they went through and they saw it. And that`s just a huge, huge invasion on your privacy that is going to be really difficult for me to get over.”

In addition to Stephens’ belongings, her husband, who is a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, had some priceless sports memorabilia stolen. Read about the story by clicking on this link.