For these fanatics, no road trip is a journey too far to cheer on the Chiefs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Football fans in the metro are going on the journey of a lifetime.

Loyal fanatics of the Kansas City Chiefs envision a potential trip to Super Bowl LI, and one family of fans proves they'll drive anyplace to cheer on the Chiefs. Sica Castillo and her husband, David Trumps, say they don't mind going long. Road trips are sort of their thing.

"No way I'd drive that far. That's too long," Trumps laughed, recalling the scorn other football fans have for long drives.

Castillo and Trumps, who have been married for the past five years, wear their passion on their sleeves. As soon as the Chiefs' Christmas night win against Denver was over, the couple from Raytown left Arrowhead Stadium and hit the road, driving west as their Chiefs sought an AFC West Championship. They drove from Kansas City to Klaymath Falls, Oregon to visit family before driving on to San Diego for Sunday's game against the Chargers.

"It was super-interesting when we went through Denver because we'd just beaten them the day before. Lot of angry Denver fans were driving by us and waving hello," Castillo laughed.

The round-trip carried them roughly 6,500 miles, including the ride back to Kansas City. Chiefs fans are often driven to Sica's side at home games, since she's known as the lady in the red ballet tutu.

"An extreme fan is what I call her. I just tag along and have a good time with her," Trumps told FOX 4 News on Wednesday.

Sica and David shared photos, showing so many red and gold jerseys in the stands, Qualcomm Stadium looked more like Arrowhead West.

"When we did the National Anthem, and the 'home of the Chiefs' came out, it sounded like we were at a Chiefs home game," Trumps said.

As Chiefs players celebrated the team's first divisional championship in seven years, Castillo and Trumps chatted up Chiefs Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin. All told, they received two pair of Maclin's gloves during the game. Team equipment managers gave them one pair, and Maclin, a Mizzou graduate, was happy to sign both.

"I've met quite a few NFL players because of her, and not all of them leave that impression on you," Trumps said.

"It was actually pretty incredible. It almost brought me to tears," Castillo beamed.

Sica and David are Chiefs season ticket holders, and say they'll be in the stands on January 15th. That's when the Chiefs will host their first home playoff game since 2010, facing off with an opponent that will emerge from this weekend's AFC Wild Card games. Castillo and Trump say they've never attended an NFL playoff game.