Metro driver says she was terrified when gunman shot at her on I-70

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "Man, it was pretty scary because I wasn't doing anything but driving home," says a 21 year old Raytown woman.

Around midnight she says she left a friend's house, drove near Jackson And East 29th Street in Kansas CIty and then hopped on to Interstate 70.

But, in a flash...

"After I got on the interstate, the guy driving the car almost hit a median and then he swerved over to get back on to the freeway. When I passed him, he came up super fast and almost hit the back of my car," the woman told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an interview Wednesday.

She's says a man driving a dark gray, newer model Mustang kept driving wildly and scaring her.

"He was going in between cars. He almost ran me off the road," added the scared driver who was by herself.

"I was freaking out at that point because I am trying to maintain my vehicle, watch out for him and I am like oh my God i'm gonna have an accident," said the young job corps student.

Fortunately, she didn't wreck her car, but her nightmare was far from over.

"He was like following me and I just kept trying to get away from him, but then the guy, who I believe was the passenger, just fired four gunshots like bop, bop, bop, bop, that's it. I heard the loud pops and smelled the gunpowder," the woman recalled.

The terrified driver not hurt, but one of the bullets hit her rear, driver-side door.

"I raced down I-70, got off near I-435 South, made it home and as I was driving I called 911. Those crazy guys just kept driving down the interstate," said the woman.

In a separate, but similar incident, police say on December 23rd a female driver was shot in her leg while driving down I-70. Three days later, a man's car was hit by several bullets as he drove near I-70. Police say the man'c vehicle may have been pelted by stray bullets from a nearby shooting, but right now investigators aren't sure.
Meantime, police call the interstate shootings random and say they are not looking for one person behind all of the gun violence on I-70.

As for this lucky driver?

"That could've been my life. I am truly blessed and I feel like I got a guardian angel somewhere because he was looking our for me," said the woman.