Jackson Co. prosecutor works with KC NoVA to promote group enforcement initiatives

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Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker met with the Kansas City No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA) on Monday to discuss plans heading into 2017.

Baker said while Kansas City fell on a similar path as the nation's other big cities in seeing a notable uptick in violence, she said that she has no plans to accept that as the new norm.

"What I'd like to expect from 2017, and I think what the public can expect, is more group enforcements. What I mean by that, is those who are known to us, those who are causing harm to the community, you can expect to see more of us. A group enforcementĀ is where we enforce an entire group of individuals for their bad conduct and their bad behavior, and I think it's been noted as a very proven measure to reduce violence," Baker told FOX 4.

"I am fed up, and at the meeting that I was at this morning, we all felt that same level of frustration, but we also are not giving up. We won't give up. We are going to keep fighting this, and we are going to keep pushing until we start turning it and we start seeing the kind of progress that we want to see."

Baker said her initiatives with KC NoVA has yielded results from cases over a year old.

"Regularly throughout 2016, we did these group enforcement efforts. We're going to be doing more of those, and what that means, from the last group enforcement that we did, we had two homicides that we were able to charge," Baker said. "Those two homicides occurred about a year ago, and it's because of the work of KC NOVA that those two murderers will soon be behind bars."