Beer Kitchen’s ancho seared tuna

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Beer Kitchen in Westport is one of the 182 restaurants participating in Kansas City's annual Restaurant Week from Jan. 13-22.

As part of Restaurant Week local restaurants will be serving up multi-course lunch and dinner menus for $15 and $33. The donations raised during the 2017 event will benefit BoysGrow, Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired and Cultivate Kansas City. Click here for a full list of participating restaurants.

In the video above  chef Chad Miller demonstrates how to make the restaurant's ancho seared tuna.

Ancho Seared Tuna


8 oz AHI Tuna
2 Tbl Ancho Powder
1 ea Anaheim Pepper
2 oz Sour Cream
½ tsp kosher salt
2 oz Roasted Red Pepper
1 oz Canola Oil


1. Rub both sides of Tuna with Ancho powder evenly. Heat non-stick skillet to medium high heat. Place canola oil in pan and sear Tuna on each side for 45 seconds. Remove and place in refrigerator to chill.

2. Slice Anaheim pepper in half and discard seeds and stem. Place in food processor till smooth. Combine pepper puree with sour cream and add salt. Mix well. Place in zip lock baggie and refrigerate.

3. Place Roasted Red Peppers in food processor till smooth.

Plating Procedure:

1. Place Red Pepper Puree on plate and spread with back of a spoon.
2. Slice Tuna ( across the grain ) into 6-8 slices. Shingle on top of Pepper Puree.
3. Snip corner of baggie and pipe Anaheim Crema back and forth over top of the Tuna.
4. Garnish with crispy tortilla strips and cilantro sprig for presentation if desired.
5. Enjoy!!


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