Following successful surgery, ‘Alex’s Journey’ to include walking in the coming days

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A little British boy who came to Kansas City for cancer surgery and captured hearts all over America now is on the road to recovery.

Doctors had to remove Alexander Goodwin’s entire femur and all the muscles and tendons around it, but just in a couple days, Alex`s Journey is going to include taking steps.

The 9-year-old boy arrived in Kansas City from the U.K. to a hero`s welcome, and a police escort that included Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief Terry Ziegler.

There have been plenty of fun times the family chronicled on social media with the hashtag #AlexsJourney, like Tuesday`s visit to the Kansas City Zoo.

But it was all leading up to Wednesday, and the surgery the family decided doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital were best at performing.

“I was extremely anxious and apprehensive, of course we all were,” said dad Jeff Goodwin.

Well, almost everyone, but the boy who always seems to put a smile on people`s faces around him certainly didn`t seem to show it, as he smiled and waved at the camera before they`d take him in for surgery.

“He took my hand in both of his hands and he told me I`m sure you will do a remarkable job,” said Dr. Howard Rosenthal.

The surgery lasted three-and-a-half hours to try to not only remove the cancer, but also install shafts for the bone and muscles they were removing to grow back.

“I’m just relieved that it`s been a success,” said Goodwin.

Doctors hope to get Alex on his feet in a couple days and start physical therapy. That will be coupled with chemotherapy and radiation therapy to make sure the cancer doesn`t come back.

“He`s still fighting and there`s still a road ahead, but I feel this is the right place for him to be and we`ve had nothing but support and kindness from people of Kansas City and America,” said Goodwin.

The first thing Alex asked for after surgery was a Costco pizza. The family is expected to stay in America until about May for that therapy and another surgery to lengthen his leg about six inches.