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Lawsuit alleges that former Olathe School District paraeducators beat up student, her brother

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A woman filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Olathe School District and two adults who were paraeducators there who were allegedly involved in a battery against a student and her older brother.

Sondra Mansaw said her daughter received threats from another student, identified only as FDJ in the lawsuit, in February of 2016.

“Upset, not knowing how to really protect my daughter over the situation,” said Mansaw.

Her daughter, identified in the suit as Jane Doe, waited in the school parking lot after school for her older brother, after calling him because she feared for her safety.

“She was scared she was going to get beat up,” said Dan Curry, her attorney.

When Jane Doe’s brother showed up, she pointed out that FDJ, her sister, and mother — both paraeducators at Olathe North — were in a car in the parking lot. Her brother went over to see if he could resolve whatever issue they had with his sister when a fight broke out.

“The two Olathe School District employees got out of the car, approached my clients, and a melee ensued,” added Curry.

When Jane Doe and her brother got home, their mother couldn’t believe what she saw.

“She was bitten on her arm and her finger, and it could have been prevented,” Mansaw said, “You’re there to protect the kids, not to jump on a child, and that’s what happened to my daughter. Instead of saying you two girls stop it, the two employees in the Olathe School District actually got involved by jumping my daughter and my son.”

Mansaw said she feels like she let her daughter down, as the school assured her they would protect her daughter.

“We leave our kids at school thinking they’re going to be okay, not thinking any adult will assault them,” Mansaw added.

Jane Doe transferred to a different school in the district, but her family said the past year has been very difficult.

“My daughter feels like she’s not safe, like she can’t go to adult authorities and think they’re going to protect her, it’s been very stressful and very hard on me and my kids,” said Mansaw.

Now Mansaw said she wants educators to have better training when it comes to these types of situations.

According to the lawsuit, the employees were eventually fired following negative media attention. The district said it has not yet been served with the lawsuit and has no comment at this time. The victim’s attorney said the summons should be in the mail Thursday.