Schwab family reaches civil settlement with Schlitterbahn Water Park owner

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OLATHE, Kan. -- The family of Caleb Schwab, killed August 7, 2016, at Schlitterbahn Waterpark while riding the Verruckt waterslide, has reached a settlement with KC Waterpark Management LLC and Zebec of North America, Inc., for the wrongful death of their 10-year-old son and brother.

Attorneys filed a 'petition for approval and apportionment of wrongful death and minor settlement' on Wednesday in Johnson County, Kansas court.

The petition does not specify the amount of the settlement but only indicates one has been reached between the defendants and the plaintiffs.

The wrongful death settlement was filed on behalf of Scott Schwab and Michele Schwab, Caleb's father and mother, Nathan Schwab, Alexander Schwab and Isaac Schwab, Caleb's brothers. Caleb was the second son of the Schwabs, with one older brother and two younger.

On Monday, Rep. Scott Schwab was sworn in to the Kansas legislature.  The Republican from the Kansas City suburb of Olathe told lawmakers to "let it go" when their bills die or amendments fail. He says, "Life isn't worth wasting too much emotional energy on such things." He added that "it could get worse."

Caleb Thomas Schwab

Caleb Thomas Schwab

Caleb was riding the slide with two adult women, with whom he was matched on the raft. The women are from north of Hays, Kan. One suffered a broken jaw, and the other a broken bone in her face and had to have stitches in her eye.

At the time of Caleb's death, the slide was in compliance with Kansas' legal requirements for amusements rides, which mostly involve proper record-keeping. State law mandates that parks annually “self-inspect” their rides and maintain the records.

Schlitterbahn announced in November that Verrückt will be torn down once a court grants it permission following the investigation. The water park also says it will announce what will be built in Verrückt's place at a later date.