Bad weather not enough to stifle Chiefs watch parties

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chiefs fans are gathered all across the metro for watch parties. Hundreds of them packed in at Ale House in Westport.

Fans say they’ve been keeping a close eye on weather, but regardless of the ice fans say this is not a night they were going to miss. It’s a type of energy that cannot be matched, a comradery fans say can only be found in Kansas City.

“It's just a really great time to be in Kansas City. It's so electric and so exciting after the Royals were in the World Series, now passing it on to the chiefs being in the playoffs,” fan Kristen Reid said.

Fans say it’s a run down memory lane but this time instead of Royals blue, Chiefs red is taking over the metro.

“Different colors, same city, same family. It's a good time. It's a good feeling. Everybody is cheering on their hometown team,” fan Cody Mohan said.

Ale House in Westport was packed with wall to wall fans.

“We're a sports united town. Everybody's gonna keep coming out for their team every year. That's the great thing about this city it brings us together it doesn't divide us.”

Win or lose...

“It's awesome to be back here. No matter what happens, it's gonna be a great experience. Loving every minute of it,” Reid said.