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Boston meteorologist named Eric Fisher feels the wrath of angry Chiefs fans

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Photos via Getty Images and the Boston Globe

Photos via Getty Images and the Boston Globe.

It’s no secret that Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Fisher is taking some major flack right now.

Fans were understandably outraged at the infamous holding call in Sunday’s game that will certainly live on in Chiefs lore for years to come.

And the internet can be an especially unforgiving place.

It didn’t take long for Chiefs fans to take to social media to begin the public bashing.

One unexpected casualty caught in the crossfire was a Boston weatherman who just happens to also be named Eric Fisher.

Irate football fans quickly began roasting him on Twitter, sending angry messages to his account, @ericfisher, thinking he was the Chiefs lineman.

The weatherman (certainly no stranger to public outrage) took the bashing in stride, but got a taste of what professional athletes go through when they mess up on a national level.

“If you are a meteorologist and think hate mail can be rough sometimes, try being an athlete. Ridiculous,” weatherman Fisher tweeted.

Weatherman Fisher was no doubt surprised when his name exploded on Twitter Sunday night, only to find he was simply caught in the middle of an unruly mob calling out the wrong man.