Driver leaving Arrowhead hears loud crack, learns someone threw a beer bottle shattering SUV window

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman said when she left Arrowhead Stadium after Sunday night’s Chiefs game, she was the victim of a road rage incident. Heidi Peacock said she was pulling out of the stadium gates in an area where the lanes were merging when a woman tried to cut her off. She said she honked her horn to prevent a car accident, then she said she heard a loud noise shortly after.

“We hear a loud crack and we look in the back and my back window is completely busted and we are thinking that the propane tank for the grill maybe had shot off or something,” Heidi Peacock told FOX 4.

Then, she said a witness approached her SUV.

“A guy came up beside us in a white truck and he was like hey I saw the whole thing, I got their license plate number, it’s that car behind you,” she said.

Peacock said she approached the car to ask them about the incident and she said a man inside flipped her off and then the woman driver took off through the grass to escape the parking lot.

She said the drive home to Olathe was freezing.

“The glass, you could hear it cracking and falling every time you would hit a little bit of a bump, wind is circling through the car,” she said.

Peacock said her SUV is the only vehicle she owns that will fit her 5-year-old daughter’s wheelchair in the back. Her daughter, Gabby, has cerebral palsy and can’t walk.

“You have to pick it up, it’s heavy, you put it in the back and it fits just right in the car,” she said. “Well, now we can’t take her anywhere in that car because there’s no way to get her wheelchair [in].”

Peacock said she is shocked somebody would resort to throwing a glass beer bottle at her car and said she is just happy her daughter wasn’t in the car.

“Throwing a beer bottle through someone’s window, somebody could have gotten hurt for real and it’s not appropriate,” she said.

Peacock said she filed a report with police and handed over the license plate information.