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Kansas lawmakers purpose putting seat belts on buses

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MERRIAM, Kan. -- Parents could soon see seat belts on their child's school bus because Kansas lawmakers are looking at a bill to help protect children who ride the bus to school every day.

There are already several safety features on the bus from cameras located around the bus to the flashing lights. The proposed bill would also require seat belts on any new bus purchased.

The bill was inspired after the crash in Chattanooga, Tenn., that killed six children.

In 2005, the Missouri governor launched a task force to look at bus safety. They recommended buses be equipt with seat belts, but that recommendation never happened.

Right now only six states require school buses to have seat belts. Neither Kansas nor Missouri are included on the list.

Parents FOX 4 spoke with say the lack of seat belts can be hard to accept.

"On one hand I can understand the cost and expense, and then you think what's the cost of a young child's life," Alicia Stein said. "And, the middle ground that I thought was some buses that might be traveling at high speeds using the interstates with larger number of children maybe have some seat belts, some of the ones that stay in town with the slower speeds maybe they don't need them, they can do half-and-half."

If the bill does become a law, one major concern is the money. One bus with seat belts could cost between $7,000 and $10,000.

This bill has been proposed several times before never making it out of the transportation committee.If it passes, it will go to the full chamber.