‘Weird Monday morning’: Kansas City businesses left cleaning up giant mess from van crash

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A wild way to start their Monday – two local business owners were shocked to find their shop windows shattered this morning, after a driver lost control and slammed into their building.

The crash happened just after 4 a.m. near 16th and Broadway, across the street from the Kauffman Performing Arts Center.

A shop called Plug Your Holes marked the end of the road for a white work van, when it came to a screeching halt following one wild ride along Broadway.

“The van was at an angle, so basically the very back end of the van was right here,” explained Matt Ginzel, a photographer at the shop.

The impact shattered two tall glass windows and pushed furniture around the locally-owned shop, which makes and sells ear gauges and body jewelry plugs.

“We found glass kind of scattered all over the place,” Ginzel said, “and it was just kind of a big mess to clean up first thing.”

The early morning clean-up continued next door at XS Lighting & Sound, which also got hit. That shop was the first point of contact for the van, after police say the driver lost control, slammed into the lighting shop, spun around and then backed into the plug shop.

“This door was completely smashed out,” explained Rick McConnell, the owner of XS Lighting & Sound. “There was another window pane like this on the other side. It was completely mashed.”

McConnell, who started his business out of his house back in 1981, said police told him the driver could not provide proof of insurance and they suspect he might have been drunk.

“So I am concerned that if he indeed was an uninsured motorist, is this going to be my issue?” McConnell asked. “What am I going to have to come up with to make this right?”

Right now police tell FOX 4 they are still investigating the cause of the crash, which sent the driver to the hospital but didn't hurt anyone else.

But it is leaving the two businesses dealing with a big ol’ mess to clean up.

“Things happen and in my business, when things happen, we have to fix them,” McConnell said. “The show must go on.”

Ginzel said, “It`s a wild thing. I mean, you just never expect that to happen at our little shop here. It was just a weird Monday morning, you know? A weird start to your week.”

No word yet on the extent of the drivers' injuries or if he will be charged with any wrongdoing. Both businesses have insurance and expect to have the damage repaired by the end of the week.