Airport shuttle service admits overcharging, but customer still hasn’t been repaid

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"When you are out $1,000 that's a sleepless night," said Johnson County school teacher Doug Faught. He was talking about the amount of money he had been overcharged by Quick Silver -- an airport shuttle service based in Kansas City, Kansas.

Faught is one of nearly a dozen people who have contacted FOX 4 Problem Solvers since we first aired a report about this shuttle and party bus operation with a dubious reputation. It operates under a variety of names, including Quick Silver, KCI Road Runner, Superior Shuttle, and Limousine and KC Party Buses.

After FOX 4 Problem Solvers raised concerns about legitimacy of the company's insurance and licensing, the Kansas City Airport banned  it from doing business.

Now the Johnson County District Attorney's office is investigating after receiving multiple complaints from Faught and other Johnson County residents who say they were overcharged.

Faught said he originally booked Quick Silver to take him to the airport and pick him back up a few days later. However Faught's credit card statement showed he'd been billed four times for two trips. After his wife complained to the company, the extra charges were removed. That was in September. So you can imagine Faught's surprise when he opened his latest  credit card statement in January.

There was a charge for $506 from the same shuttle service even though Faught had never used them again.

Faught said an employee admitted to him that the charge was in error and told Faught there would be yet another erroneous charge on next month's credit card statement of $475.  Faught said the employee blamed it all on bad computer hardware.

"That's hard to swallow," Faught said.

Even worse, Faught said he was told that the shuttle company couldn't credit him for the bogus charges . It would have to mail him a check.

That was more than a week ago and Faught still doesn't have the money. He's filed a dispute with his credit card company and is also talking to the Johnson County District Attorney's office.

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