Joe’s Weather Blog: Now we’re losing the cold air again for awhile (TUE-1/17)

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I sort of needed yesterday to recover somewhat. These “winter” storms are like a 10 round prize fight to me. The build-up the 1000s of words written in my weather blog lasted for well over 1 week when we first started talking about the potential. Then the toughness of the forecast entering the weekend…the fighting the various other “sources” with bad information that people took and ran with…then the event itself with the various “jabs” and “counter punches”. I was done with it and needed a break to recharge.

Not totally there yet…but the weather never stops it seems and today is a new gray day.


Tonight: Clearing skies and chilly with lows in the 20s. Pretty frosty in the morning.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and milder with highs 50-55°

Thursday: Cloudy with some patches of drizzle or light rain in the area. Highs around 50°-55°


The clearing line is so close…but yet so far away.


It’s going to struggle to get here today…but eventually tonight should move through the region.

The air behind this storm though really isn’t that cold at all for mid January…the noon surface map shows lots of 30s/40s out there

Tomorrow our winds will be more from the S/SW…not gusty though…so overall a more pleasant day out there.

Our next system shows up in the water vapor loop…it’s spinning around in the SW part of the country right now but will be kicked out tomorrow into Thursday and spin towards the region

It will mostly just create a lot of clouds around here…but I can’t rule out some rain drops at times on Thursday somewhere in the viewing area…especially on the MO side of things.

There is no cold air for this storm to tap into…so we’re talking just rain (if that) and that lack of cold air will continue for about another week or so…so snowflakes will be tough to come by. Another system comes by later in the weekend…but again a lack of cold air is an issue for that as well…and it’s taking a “not bad” snow track for us. It deserves watching but odds heavily favor the atmosphere being too warm for snow considerations at all. Then another system early next week again doesn’t “look right” for snow. It should be noted though that the early next week storm may usher in some chillier/more seasonable temperatures in the region heading into the 25th-28th or so.

The beat goes on and snow around these parts is getting more and more frustrating to come by. The system over the weekend was another 2-5″ of snow that could’ve been…but alas not. So where do we stand?

4.5″ of snow in KC…2.5″ below average. I guess we should be happy though…that’s almost doubled where we were last Jan 17th. Let’s look back a the last 30 years. I’ve highlighted the years where the snow totals were over 10″ by 1/17.


Frustrating and unless there are some Hail Mary passes coming…I fear that it may be a struggle to get to 12″ of snow this season (if that).

Finally some interesting weather coming to southern CA over the next week or so. They have gotten some rain…but the real drought relief has been more focused into the central and northern part of the state…

For the far southern CA mountains…this is pretty impressive.


although northern CA is getting more rain and mountain snows towards the Sierra Nevada.

Our feature photo is from Tammy Grimmett in La Cygne, KS



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