Kansas City police engaged in hours-long standoff with man suspected of killing woman

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Operation 100 was called in the 2500 block of Lister Avenue on Tuesday night. Officers were sent to the scene just after 6 p.m. when a 911 caller said he heard fighting, a gunshot, and then saw someone slumped over in a car. Kansas City police revealed at about 8 p.m. that the woman shot has died.

A tactical team was deployed outside a home where the shooting suspect was believed to be holed up and armed.

"We knocked on the door, couldn’t get ahold of him, but the witnesses say he is definitely in there," KCPD spokesman Darin Snapp said.

Investigators are working to determine exactly what relationship the victim and suspected shooter had.

"The witnesses know both of their first names. As far as right now, I don’t know what their relationship is, so obviously they probably have some kind of relationship but we don’t know if it’s husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or they’re just friends," Snapp said. "The biggest thing is we just need, we’re hoping to make contact soon just to make sure that he’s in there safe and he isn’t injured also, but right now we haven’t had any contact with him and hopefully negotiators can get him to talk to us if he is inside the house."

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