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DECA students at Park Hill High School putting a stop to mental health stigma

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Each year, the DECA class at Park Hill High School takes on a different topic that's popular among teens. This year they decided to focus on raising awareness for mental health issues. To help, Tri-County Mental Health offered them a grant. The students have been able to use the funds to host a Mental Health Awareness Week at their high school and give out prizes to participating students.

Senior Samantha Paulak, and sophomores Sarah Hibbeler and Tessa Poolman visited FOX 4 on Wednesday, Jan. 18 to share more on the project and why it's important to talk about mental health. They also shared why it's important to encourage those who need help to seek it.

During their visit, the students asked FOX 4's Abby Eden the trivia questions below. The answers are in the video above.

What does 'Stigma' refer to?

  1. A plan or treatment agreed to by patient and doctor.
  2. Lack of knowledge about mental health.
  3. Societal prejudice that prevent people in need from speaking up or seeking help.

'Mental Health' refers to:

  1. Achieving a period of 12-18 months without a psychotic episode.
  2. Striking a balance in all aspects of your life-social. Physical, spiritual, economic, mental.
  3. A constant feeling of contentment.

Who is most likely to get a mental illness?

  1. Poor, uneducated .
  2. Mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of intelligence, social class, or income level.
  3. People with stressful jobs.

Asking someone directly about suicidal intent increases his/her risk of suicide.

  1. True
  2. false

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