Gun-weilding driver in road rage incident leaves family fearing for their lives

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A family is counting its blessings Monday after surviving what they call a scary road rage incident.

It happened near 24-Highway and Salisbury Road just before 2 p.m. Sunday.

Members of the family are still shaken up after being confronted by a driver who pointed a gun at them.

They asked that FOX 4 not show their faces or identify them by name.

"I was really scared," said the victim, who we are calling Tui. "Because I’ve never been in this situation, especially with my brothers and my little sister."

The 22-year-old victim said he was bringing his younger brothers and sisters home from church in the family minivan when he noticed an aggressive driver trying to force his way in front of him.

"I was still driving and focusing on the road," Tui said. "My brother said, 'he’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!' My mind is saying, 'I have to be somewhere safe. I have to get my siblings safe.'"

Tui said as soon as the black Ford pickup got in front of the minivan, the driver slammed on the brakes, causing the minivan to crash into the truck.

"He was looking at his truck," said Tama, Tui's brother and a passenger in the van. "'Look at this damage you did. Roll down the window!' and everything. He said, 'roll down the window, I’m going to shoot you!' He was really angry. You can tell his emotions were high."

Tui said he stayed in the van, while his brothers called 911 and reported the pick-up's license plate number to police. The family said when the man with the gun saw Tui's siblings on the phone, he jumped back in the truck and sped off.

"That’s a scary moment," Tama said. "Knowing that the gun is pointing at your older brother. You don’t want a death in the family. So knowing that we are all just trying to stay calm doing what we know how to do for the best of us."

The family hopes police find the truck and driver before another unsuspecting motorist is confronted and hurt.

Independence police are looking for a black Ford F-150 with Missouri license plates 2UP 499. If you can help detectives, call the TIPS hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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