New from Sony in 2017: OLED TV’s, portable party speakers and more

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Sony has a new line of OLED TV's that ditch the visible speakers - the sound actually comes from the screen itself!

Sony is introducing 25 new products in 2017. We got a preview of some of them with the company's President of Electronics, Mike Fasulo.


Sony announced it is making its first ever line of OLED TV sets. Sure, they tiptoed into OLED screens before with a small screen a few years back, but this marks the first time the company is going all in with various screen sizes. OLED screens are brighter, have better contrast for colors and look fantastic no matter what angle you're watching from.


"You feel like you're there... the colors are just remarkably clear and lifelike," Fasulo said.

The interesting thing about Sony's new sets is that they have no visible speakers.

"The sound literally emits through the screen. The vibration created in the screen pushes out the sound," explained Fasulo.


We also checked out a soundbar with super high-quality sound thanks to a combination of 12 speakers inside and Dolby Atmos audio technology.

"When you add the Dolby Atmos you get more object sound, more engulfing sound. With 12 speakers, strap your seatbelt in," said Fasulo.


I likened the experience to what you feel inside a movie theater. Like when you hear rain off to the side or in the distance but it's not really there.

As Fasulo explains it: "your head will be turning all ways but there will be no speakers."


Sony has a new line of speakers that have built-in LEDs to create a cool mood.

"It strobes lights that actually play to the beat of the music," explained Fasulo.


What's really neat is that you can link up to 10 of them together. That means they can play the same music in sync all over your house or backyard - something not normally easily accomplished with Bluetooth speakers.


Finally, we checked out Sony's new wireless noise canceling headphones. They have a neat trick built-in to solve a common problem.

If you want to hear someone talking to you, there is no need to take off the headphones. All you have to do is place your hand over the right earphone cup... and it will instantly cut off the noise canceling feature so you can hear ambient noise.

Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo demos noise canceling headphones

Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo demos noise canceling headphones

Sounds pretty handy to me for ordering a drink on the plane!

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