Teammate and fans take to the airwaves to remember Yordano Ventura, express condolences

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Royals fans have poured out their hearts about Yordano Ventura's untimely death on social media, at Kauffman Stadium and also on the radio.

At 610 Sports Radio, callers lit up the phone lines, talking about the life and loss of the Royals young phenom.

"We chose today to just focus on remembering him and what we remembered," 610 personality Brad Fanning said.

Some talked of their earliest memories of “Ace.”

“For me it was when I met him at the Futures game in 2012 and nobody knew who he was. He was this tall, skinny beanpole kid and I couldn't wait to see him in Kansas City," Fanning said.

His long-time friend and teammate, Christian Colon, talked about the friendship they started back in the minor leagues.

“He was a guy who cared about his teammates and a guy we'll always, always remember," Colon said.

He’s remembered as a guy who worked hard, who had passion and something to prove.

"I have a better understanding now of why those things happened," said Colon.

Now, Fan Fest starts Friday, Spring Training starts in three weeks, and he won't be there.

“Kid's 25, and he's dead.  And I think a lot of Royals fans felt the same way: we didn't get to see enough of him,” said Fanning.

Many are trying to take comfort in what we did have, the man we did know.

"I'm lucky to be able to look back and know that I never judged him, I was always there for him, I loved him. I hope he knew that," said Colon.

And the sense that while the team, and the fans, will do their best to honor his memory moving forward, it will never be the same.

"I don't think I'll ever get over this one," Colon said.

Major League Baseball reports his funeral has been moved to 9:15 our time tomorrow morning in the Dominican Republic.

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