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Helpful hints to keep eating healthy even when dining out

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Nutritionist, Jourdan Lewis and Joe Dunn, creator of the app Nutrilyze, are working to make eating out easier for those working to shred a few extra pounds.

Here's some tips they shared in addition to explaining how the app works.

-Get dressing on the side. An average side of dressing contains almost 170 calories.

-If you are getting an entrée, revolve your choice around protein and make the starchy carbs your side. (i.e. side baked potato or brown rice)

-Ask for veggies steamed. Many restaurants load veggies in margarine.

-Be careful when choosing salads. Most contain just as many calories as an “unhealthy” dish. All the cheese, dressing, nuts, and other toppings, before including the protein, begin to add up.

-Plan ahead. Many restaurants if not included in the app, do have nutritional information available to allow you to see options that could be the best choice.

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