Print photos off your phone in seconds with the HP Sprocket Printer

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A pocket-sized printer from HP uses no ink and creates photos from your phone in seconds!

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HP is known for its desktop printers, but a new model from the company fits in the palm of your hand! It's called the HP Sprocket and it prints photos right from your phone in seconds.

hp sprocket printer review 2017

The device connects to your phone using Bluetooth and from there you can print pics from your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.

Prints pop out of the tiny device in seconds - the quality is about what you would expect from the Polaroid pictures of the past.

That's no coincidence - the palm-sized printer actually uses printing technology first developed by the Polaroid company. It's called Zink - which means zero ink. The secret is in the paper, which is specially designed so it contains everything it needs to print out an image.

I gave the Sprocket to my producer Vanessa who used it around the office to take and print pictures. She was impressed at how easy it was to use - and everyone around the office thought it was pretty fun.

Prints are smudge proof and water-resistant, but they're also pricey. A 20 pack of paper sells for $10, making each print an expensive 50 cents. Still, the little printer is a load of fun. Just keep in mind you're limited to one print size - 2x3, but the paper doubles as a sticker if you peel off the back.

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