Cool design in remodeled bathroom for young boy with special needs revealed

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LENEXA, Kan. -- When FOX 4 Problem Solvers first met 4-year-old Tristan Ramirez, we saw firsthand how his dwarfism made it so difficult to even turn on the faucet in the bathroom of his Lenexa home. To reach the faucet, he had to crawl up onto the counter.

That's why Schloegel Design Remodel chose Tristan's family to be the recipient of this year's Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway.

Tristan's mom Leandria was in tears when company president Jake Schloegel showed her the newly remodeled bathroom.

"It's beautiful," said Leandria. "It's amazing and we're really surprised."

To accommodate Tristan, who stands 31 inches tall, Schloegel designed and built a vanity with steps so that Tristan could easily reach the sink. Plus the handle for the faucet is on the side of the sink, making it easier for Tristan to use.

The light switches were lowered to Tristan's height and even the toilet is a few inches lower to the ground, and right next to the toilet is a cabinet designed perfectly for someone Tristan's size.

Jake Schloegel said this is the first time his company has designed a room to meet the needs of someone like Tristan.

"It was a different set of challenges," Schloegel said, "but it was fun to do this one."

Plus, the crew fell in love with Tristan.

"He was the nicest 4-year-old client that we've ever had," Schloegel said.

This is the fifth year Schloegel has remodeled a bathroom for free for a child with special needs.

If you know of a family that could benefit from The Big Splash Custom Bath Giveaway, check out Problem Solver Linda Wagar on Facebook, where you can find the rules for signing up when it's time for next year's giveaway.

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