Community steps in to help kids after Independence father killed mother

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- “What tugged on our hearts is that these children of the victim were witnesses to something we couldn’t even imagine” said Officer Luis Virgil, with the Independence Police Department.

Vincente Roldan-Marron faces a first degree murder charge for killing Yadira Gomez after stabbing her repeatedly with a butcher knife in their home at Hawthorne Place Apartments over the weekend.

Gomez’s three children are ages six, eight, and nine. Police and the community are so upset by the situation, they are doing whatever they can to help the family.

Yadira, with her children, ages 6, 8 and 9.

Yadira, with her children, ages 6, 8 and 9.

“I've done a lot of communicating for them, making some difficult calls with them so I can translate for them,” Virgil said.

Officer Luis Virgil with Independence Police is helping connect the family of Yadira Gomez with resources they need during this very difficult time.

“On the night of the homicide, we all kind of realized there was going to be a need for this family,” Virgil explained.

The community has also stepped up.

“There's been donations of mattresses, brand new mattresses for the family, there's been grocery gift cards donated. Best Buy has donated a couple of tablets for the kids because they lost what they were using to connect to the internet,” Virgil added.

Two of Gomez’s kids went to school Monday, telling teachers their father stabbed their mom to death after an argument. The school called police, who went to the family's apartment and confirmed the story.

“The biggest thing that we provide is the knowledge that you're not alone,” said Michelle Metje, the President and CoFounder of Corey’s Network, Inc.

Metje cofounded Corey's Network after the murder of her son, Corey, in 2013.

“When we came out from finding out he had passed, I asked for a victim`s advocate, but unfortunately, at that time, there wasn't one available for me,” Metje said.

Now, she`s helping Gomez`s family with funeral arrangements.

“When I was there to present all these gifts and all these services that were provided to them, to see the family just break down in just happy tears, even though this is such a bad situation, to see them break down in happy tears, you can't help but get emotional yourself,” Officer Virgil said.

Among the many donations from the community, Hawthorne Place Apartments is moving the family into a larger unit so the grandparents can take care of the children.

“It just shows you that Kansas City really is a great area, when so many people want to reach out and want to help, it's just amazing,” Metje said.

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