Kansas City pit bull returned to right owner, after another man claimed dog was his

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A beloved pit bull named Sophia is back home with her owner, Anthony Everhart, after Everhart says a man claimed the dog was his.

Anthony Everhart

Anthony Everhart

"It seems like people just wanted to do the right thing, get her out of the street. Still a little unclear on a lot of the details, but I know she's back home now and that's what matters," said Everhart.

Video in the player below shows Sophia, who is two-years old, jumping the fence and escaping the backyard at about 8:00 a.m., Monday.


Watch the video below to see this pit bull jump the fence!

Witnesses said they saw the dog running around the neighborhood and then dashed inside the Brookside Animal Clinic at 85th and Wornall. That's when a woman looking to help Sophia, ran inside and cornered her.

A clinic employee said she gave the woman a leash and a copy of Sophia's microchip information.

The woman took the dog back outside, and minutes later, she said a man approached and claimed Sophia was his dog.

So the woman gave Everhart's beloved pet over to the stranger.

"I don't know that she's having a good life. I don't know that she's being taken care of or abused or what. You know, it feels like one of my children are gone. I just want her back," Everhart said before Sophia was returned. "She would usually sleep in my daughter's room every night and my daughter's pretty upset about this as well."

Everhart posted several 'missing' flyers of Sophia around his Waldo neighborhood hoping she would be returned, and on Wednesday morning, she was.

"There's about five people that really went into helping get her back, Good Samaritans that I still haven't had a chance to thank yet, but thank you to them."

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