Problem Solvers helps woman escape contract after carport company leaves her in limbo

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OSAWATOMIE, Kan. -- "We are going to put it here where the gravel is," said Eunice Mollett, pointing to an empty patch of land next to her home in Osawatomie, Kan., about an hour southwest of Kansas City.

Mollett was happy to explain exactly where her carport will be located. What she can't do is show you the carport.

That's even though a carport was part of the deal when she and her husband bought their home last November.

"They were going to have it installed within 10 days of closing," Mollett said.

She's referring to Coast to Coast Carports. It's an Arkansas-based company that the former owners of the Molletts' house had contracted with in July, and paid a $79 deposit to build a two-car carport.

The Molletts were excited to learn the carport would be included with the sale and the money to pay for it -- $792.67 -- was placed in escrow.

"We wanted the protection (of a carport) and it adds value to the house," Mollett said.

But Mollett said every time she calls Coast to Coast to inquire after her carport, "I just get a lot of runarounds."

She said she's been told her carport is delayed because of everything from "they don't have supplies" to "their crews are overwhelmed."

This past December, Mollett said someone from Coast to Coast left a message on her phone promising to install the carport on December 21. Mollett said she returned the call less than an hour later, but was told by Coast to Coast that she'd waited too long to call back and now her installation date would be on December 22.

"I said 'ok that's fine,' " Mollett said.

However a few days before the installation was to take place, the date was changed again. This time to December 23.

"Again, I said 'ok,' " Mollett said.

When December 23rd arrived, not a soul from Coast to Coast showed up. When she called the company to find out why, she said she got a recording telling her the company was closed for the holidays. She wasn't able to reach anyone until after New Year's day.

Once she did, the response she said she heard from a Coast to Coast employee was surprising.

"She said 'are you sure they didn't do the install? Because they didn't tell me they didn't do the install.'"

Mollett assured the skeptical employee there was definitely no carport at her home.

Mollett, a busy mother of four, said she doesn't have time to keep chasing Coast to Coast. She told us she wanted to fire the company for breach of contract but didn't think she could since the money in escrow was supposed to go to Coast to Coast.

In fact, a check had already been written to the company.

However, after Problem Solvers and Mollett carefully re-read the agreement, we noticed  an escape clause.

There was a paragraph stating that the escrowed money could be paid to someone else as long as both buyer and seller of the Molletts' home agreed.

Problem Solvers called the former owners of the home who said they had no problem releasing the escrowed money directly to the Molletts. That solved the problem and provided the Molletts with new hope.

In fact, they now plan to use the money to build a garage instead of a carport.

As far as Coast to Coast Carports? We tried getting the company's side of this story, but more than two days have passed and we have yet to hear back. In addition, Problem Solvers discovered dozens of similar complaints against Coast to Coast while researching the company online.

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