Unexpected arrival: Kansas City mom, fiance deliver baby boy at home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Karla Batiste and her fiance, Corey Union, had their hearts set on welcoming their third child on Valentine's Day. However, little Christian Union had a different plan.

"He's doing fine now. He's sleeping a lot. I'm also really tired and getting a lot of sleep," Karla said with a big laugh.

From her hospital bed, the 23-year-old Kansas City mom told FOX 4's Robert Townsend about her baby boy's unexpected, early arrival.

"I wasn't due until February 14th, but he decided he wanted to come now," said Karla.

"I was so nervous man. We had no idea that that was about to happen. She screamed the baby's coming and I had no way," said Corey Union, who's still in awe about Christian's home delivery.

You see around nine Monday night Karla first felt uneasy and went to the hospital.

"Yeah, she wasn't feeling so good and I just kept watching her, so she went to the hospital, got checked out and came back home," Corey remembered.

However, about five hours later.

"She started yelling, 'Corey, Corey! I think the baby's coming,'" said Corey, who rushed to call 911.

"I was on the phone with the dispatcher and then I looked over there. Oh my God, she squatted down and then just laid back on the hallway floor and I said oh no," said the nervous, soon-to-be papa, who just kept pacing the floor.

"I just couldn't go any further and there on our living room floor, I went into labor. It all happened so fast," recalled Karla.

"I was running around looking for flashlights, wipes, towels. I ran upstairs and then I ran back downstairs. I was nervous, shaking. I was like honey what do you want me to do? She told me to just help her as she kept pushing. I think she barely pushed two times and he just popped out crying," said Corey with a gigantic smile on his face.

With his eyes glued on his tiny newborn, Corey stayed on his cell phone with an emergency medical technician who told him to tie the baby's umbilical cord.

"Yeah, she told me to find something to tie the umbilical cord so nothing would happen to my baby, so I ran and grabbed a brand new pack of shoestrings I had, tied the cord and within 20 minutes or so, the the emergency responders were here. A firefighter was one of the first to help Karla and our baby get safely and comfortably in an ambulance. I'm grateful to him for being so caring," said Corey.

Christian, who weighs almost seven pounds and is 18 inches long, is the young couple's third child. So, what does his proud parents think about their baby boy's special, home delivery?

"It definitely doesn't happen every day and it's one of a kind," the new mom says laughingly.

"I just cant wait to tell him when he gets older that your mother birthed you, but I pushed you out of there," chuckled Corey with a special glow in his eye.

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