Woman fighting to live until Valentine’s Day is getting encouragement from around the country

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CLIFTON, Colo. — A Colorado woman fighting for her life is feeling the love of her supporters as Valentine’s Day approaches, KJCT reports.

Shirley O’Keefe, who is fighting a heart condition and a failing liver, has received Valentine’s Day cards from around the country.

“I told my doctor if I make it to Valentine’s Day, you got to buy me a Valentine’s Day card,” Shirley told KJCT.

Her family posted about her mission on Facebook and word spread pretty quickly. Now, Valentine’s Day cards line the walls of her home, each with a special message of encouragement and hope.

“And after Valentine’s, I’m going to make it to Easter,” O’Keefe said. “After Easter, I’m going to make it to Mother’s Day. I’m going to live everyday.”

The driver who takes her to dialysis joked that he can’t get a Valentine’s card to give his wife this year because O’Keefe is hogging them all.

You can help by sending a card to:

Shirley O’Keefe
3235 Downey Court East Apt# B
Clifton, CO 81520

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