Newly released 911 tape provides insight into investigation at KU’s McCarthy Hall

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- FOX 4 has obtained audio of a 911 call that gives a little more insight into what may have happened inside McCarthy Hall when a teenage girl says she was raped.

A reported rape, runaway and drug paraphernalia investigation at McCarthy Hall started with this phone call made to police in December 2016.

"Right now I have kind of an altercation going on in the building right outside on the third floor,” the caller who lives in the dorm told the dispatcher. "One of the residents, I believe it is their guest, has been banging on their door, harassing them, I believe she is looking for her phone."

The caller, clearly afraid what was going on was escalating, possibly to a dangerous level.

"So I just wanted to give someone a heads up in case something else, you know, this kind of gets a little hectic or gets crazy," the caller said in a calm voice.

The 911 Operator asked for clarification of the location "You said it is on the third floor?" "Yes, it's on the third floor, she is banging on his door,” replied the caller.

The caller goes on to say that he does not know what the girl looks like because he has not left his room. KU Public Safety Officers were dispatched to the dorm, but will not say what or who they found when they got there. The only clues come from three police reports written as a result of that call.

One police report written for a 16-year-old runaway. Another police report includes rape, sexual intercourse with a minor and contributing to a child's misconduct. KU Police are not saying if that 16-year-old is the girl who was reportedly raped.

Several KU men's basketball players are listed as witnesses on those two police reports.

It turns out the third police report regarding drug paraphernalia involves forward Carlton Bragg, who was suspended from the team on January 25, one day before he was charged with that crime.

Bragg entered into a diversion program on the drug paraphernalia charges. He is still suspended from the basketball team.

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