St. Louis area parents say babysitter responsible for baby boy’s death getting a slap on the wrist

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. — Two devastated parents say a babysitter is getting a slap on the wrist after their infant died while she was watching him.

KMOV reports that Byron Matlock was just 6 weeks old when he died, his skull crushed. Now his parents have some news about the person responsible, but not the news they want.

“We walk pass stuff every day that reminds us of him and how we can’t hold him anymore,” said Darryl Matlock.

Several months after his death, Byron’s parents Bree Rager and Darryl Matlock still feel so much pain.

The medical examiner’s office says Byron died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Police said the babysitter, Kelly Schneeberger, told investigators that a toddler had fallen on Byron as she was babysitting in her home back in October, causing him to hit the ground.

After re-questioning, she later changed her story to say she had fallen on the baby, according to authorities.

“That’s the big thing right there, that she tried to blame a baby who couldn’t speak for themselves,” Rager said.

Instead of being charged for Byron’s death as his parents hoped she’d be, this week, Schneeberger was charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.

Court documents News 4 obtained say Schneeberger acted with criminal negligence because she had a condition that causes her to lose balance and the house had “cramped conditions”

The medical examiner told police that her story about falling could be plausible.

But Byron’s parents wanted a charge far more severe.

“It serves no justice at all. It’s not even a slap on the wrist, it’s more like a pat on the back, saying, ‘it’s okay, don’t do it again, there’s the door,” Matlock said.

News 4 caught up with Schneeberger back in December at her home, she wouldn’t talk then.

She’s now out of jail, but when News 4 went to again to her house Thursday, a man said she had moved.

Bree and Darryl are worried now she might even be babysitting again.

“I am terrified for any kids she might happen to have in her care again,” said Rager.

Wentzville police referred News 4 to the prosecutor for comment.

St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar was out of town and unavailable to comment.

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