New exhibit at the Museum at Prairiefire is all about the biggest dinosaurs

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The largest animals to ever walk the planet are in the metro for the next few months.

The new exhibit at the Museum at Prairiefire is all about sauropods - the biggest dinosaurs.

Paleontologists use technology and modeling to examine their bones and learn how they lived. For instance, they were so big they probably could not bend their legs. And when they ate, instead of chewing, they just raked leaves and grass into their mouth. They also ate around 20 hours a day and consumed more than 100,000 calories a day.

With new information on these dinosaurs being discovered all the time, exhibit curators are constantly updating the information.

"We try to keep the exhibit current," said Dr. Mark Norell, the AMNH Macaulay Curator of Paleontology. "Dinosaurs are one of the things that the general public knows more about, the scientific work of dinosaurs, then almost any other things, so you don't want to get a letter from some nine-year-old saying you're wrong."

The exhibit opens up Saturday and runs through September.

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