Mission to show love to one woman has students with special needs spreading cheer all over KC

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Students at Shawnee Mission North High School who have special needs are spreading some special love this Valentine's Day.

The students started out by making Valentine's Day cards for the victim of a car crash, but the love has spread out even more.

Angela Holtgraves teaches students with special needs how to better understand cues in social settings, but Holtgraves tells Fox 4 she actually learned something special from her students' cues for Valentine's Day this year.

The students recently read about a complete stranger on Facebook who is recovering from a bad car accident and currently going through therapy and rehab. The students decided to make this woman a Valentine's Day card to brighten her day because they said they know how it feels to go through therapy and hospital stays.

The students have now made more than 150 Valentine's Day cards. Holtgraves said the cards will go to the entire rehab facility and also Children's Mercy Hospital.

The class chooses a different service project every semester.

"For our students understanding cues is the whole premise of our class one of the big things is how do we help make the world a better place," Holtgraves said. "And first thing you can do is service. You can't necessarily change the whole world as one class or one individual or small group of individuals."

Holtgraves says she couldn't teach without the help of her volunteers.

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