Cameron student who excels as a musician takes talents to other stages as well

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CAMERON, Mo. -- She's a great writer who knows how to hold a tune and is also a leader in her school, known by all as the kind girl with a big heart.

Lauren Peck has been playing the trumpet since the sixth grade, and the piano since fourth.

“It`s an indescribable feeling, honestly. You, you feel exhilaration and you`re doing something that you`re passionate about, that you love and there`s just no way to describe the feeling,” she described.

“She`s at the top, top of the heap - I mean that sincerely,” said Cameron Band Director Ann Goodwin.

She’s been named to the Northwest Missouri all-district high school honor band two years in a row, and she's a member of five different bands between school and church. But her musical capability doesn’t tell the full story.

“These are comments that my friends wrote in my yearbook and this is the front page and I actually laid out this page,” Lauren displayed.

She’s is credited by Cameron High School for writing an award-winning grant to help her school's yearbook club get needed resources.

“It was hectic because we all had to go to, Mrs. Cole was her name, and check the camera out and sometimes it wouldn`t work, and then give it back and say these were all the problems it`s having right now,” she recalled.

At the time there was one camera, and according to Lauren, the quality of the pictures was poor.

“I thought that maybe I could use my writing skills to help benefit something I had been in before, like the yearbook program,” she said.

With the help of her librarian, she crafted and won a $1,200 grant. They bought four cameras, cases and memory cards.

“It was amazing - I was so happy to know that they would get to use this equipment,” she said.

Back in the classroom Lauren continues to inspire, not only as a leader to her peers, but as a teacher to her teachers.

“She`s a hard worker, she sets her mind to something and look out,” Goodwin said.

In her spare time, Lauren likes to play piano for residents at nursing homes around the metro.


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