Blue Valley Coach Driskell leaves enduring legacy through organ donation

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WESTWOOD, Kan. -- In Blue Valley football coach Eric Driskell's final hours, his family made a decision that will ensure his life's work will live forever.

"Coach Driskell was all about love, he was all about support, about being a part of the community," Dr. Jayson Neil, a neurosurgeon at Research Medical Center, said.

Brooke Connell, of the Midwest Transplant Network, said organ donation has the power to turn a tragedy into a blessing.

"One donor can make such a huge impact. Just as a single organ donor you can save up to eight lives and tissue donation you can save up to 50 others," Connell said.

A blessing Jenna Bell, a mother of two, can attest to.

"It`s pretty sobering when you`re 23 and you hear that you can die at any minute," she said.

Bell suffered from congestive heart failure. She was in the hospital for 36 days before an organ donor gave her a new lease on life.

"It`s very personal when we talk about my heart and the transplant we talk about her all the time. It`s important to me to remember her and to talk about her because she is not here and because she is not, I can be," Bell said.

It's a gift that Bell, and thousands of more, are grateful for. And a final gift from a man, who's mission in life, was to help others.

"Because of my donor I was at my son`s second birthday. I was able to take my daughter to our annual trip to see the Nutcracker. I was able to help my sister pick out her wedding dress. I was able to able to have Christmas again with my family. Every time we get to do something like that." Bell said, "We think of our donor, we think of her family, because of her choice to donate I wouldn`t get to do any of those things."

If you would like to be an organ donor, you can sign up by visiting this link.

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