7 lawn and garden tips from Olathe’s Grass Pad to get your lawn ready for spring

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Spring-like temperatures in the middle of winter are throwing our lawns and flowers into a slight state of confusion. A lot of folks are wondering what they should be doing this weekend to help their green space out. FOX 4's Carey Wickersham spoke with the experts at Olathe's Grass Pad for some tips that should keep you busy at least through the weekend.

7 lawn and garden tips to take this weekend

1) Don't worry about the bulbs like daffodils and tulips. Even though they are starting to emerge, they are most likely hearty enough to make it though the potential of more winter. If temperatures do plummet, consider covering them with mulch or leaves for protection.
2) If you want to add color to your yard this weekend, plant pansies. They love the cooler weather and survive the snow.
3) Low cut your grass to give the roots more air.
4) Fertilize if you didn't earlier in the winter.
5) Consider re-seeding where needed.
6) If you plan to plant a garden, start some of your seeds growing inside now, but don't transfer them outside until at least May.
7) Most importantly, WATER! Its been a very dry winter and grass, trees and shrubs are thirsty.

Another huge problem in metro neighborhoods this time of year is moles and voles. Below are two links from The Grass Pad on how to deal with those pesky critters.

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