Woman seeks family members after discovering letters from 1947 during home renovations

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Brookside homeowner said she inadvertently opened a time capsule while doing some home renovations.

Hidden inside the house were messages dating back decades. Now that homeowner is hoping to share those messages with someone connected.

"Our contractor was taking out the wood stove inserts. We're getting tired of carrying wood so we asked him to take it out."

Joni Dugan has lived in her home since 1984. About two weeks ago, while doing some work on her home, she found some old letters.

"They tore down the mantle and in the process, these postcards and a Valentine fell out," Dugan explained. "We looked at it and it was dated 1947. We thought, 'oh my gosh!'"

Dugan said one envelope was addressed to someone who lived in the house before them, Mrs. Harold Lowe.

"I think probably they fell back. It was probably on the mantle. It wouldn't be near the stove because they would've caught fire so it had to be on the mantle," Dugan said.

She said beside the postcard, there's also a Valentine addressed to Dean McCall.

"They're from the mother, and they're written to the daughter -- who I presume is a daughter. It says 'Dear Martha,'" Dugan said. "She talks about they wanted him to go to another location for ten days beyond the desert, and I thought, 'gee, today's Veteran's Day, maybe the guy was a veteran.'"

"One of them says, 'we are doing fine. It looks like Daddy took another treatment yesterday and may not have to have one for three weeks this time.'"

Dugan said she's using the genealogy library in Independence to as well as social media to see if she has any luck finding relatives of those who wrote the letters.

"I would just hate to throw something away, you know, when you got a letter from a mother to a daughter, you know that's just precious," she said. "If I could find the grandkids or the great grandkids, I think that would be something to hold on to, that they'd want to hold on to."

If you recognize those names, or think you might know some of the family members, reach out to FOX 4 News. You can contact us and we'll put you in touch with Dugan.

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