Gardner Edgerton High School closed after weekend vandalism set to reopen on Tuesday

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GARDNER, Kan. -- When Monica Jacobs was told her daughter's school would be closed because of vandalism damage, several thoughts came to her mind.

"The typical things you think about is wow, who would do that kind of thing? How did it happen?" Jacobs said. "I mainly thought about the fact of when did it happen because we live fairly close to the high school."

Jacobs was one of many parents who altered their day after Gardner-Edgerton High School was closed on Monday. Surveillance video captured the three men, police say are between the ages of 18 - 25, in the act.

"The damage done that caused the shutting down of the school was to keep the students safe. There is a lot of broken glass, windows, door windows, office windows, there was some wall damage, and offices have been ransacked," Sgt. Steve Benz, of Gardner Police Department, said.

Sgt. Benz said clean up efforts have been extensive and so is the search for the three suspects.

"I think everybody here takes it personally because Friday Night Lights here is real and with us everybody takes pride in their home team and school, where our kids are. So when you violate a school you are reaching into everybody’s living room," Sgt. Benz said.

Steve McAtee lives just behind the high school and said his community believes those responsible will be caught.

"Overall the community is pretty good. I’m not too concerned about this being normality." McAtee said, "If you’re going to do the crime, you should do the time. The fact is that they destroyed public property."

"I hope they find who is behind all of this and justice is served with the punishment they receive. And I hope they are able to fix as much as they can today so the kids can go back to school tomorrow," Jacobs said.

Police tell FOX 4 no arrests have been made and anyone with information should call the TIPS Hotline. School will be reopened on Tuesday morning.

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