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KC Forum: Hoolie, Conquer for Good and Safehome

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KC Forum is a public affairs radio who with an entertaining spin. It airs Sunday mornings from 6:30 to 7am on Q104FM and KC102FM as well as linked to
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This week we learn about Conquer for Good, a conference bringing many people in community together to listen to talks by leaders working to build a thriving ecosystem of social enterprise and purpose-driven companies in Kansas City.
Also on this week’s show, SAFEHOME helps families out of dangerous situations and they could use your help if you would like to volunteer.
St Patrick’s day is just around the corner but to kick it off, The Elders, who allow us to use their music will kick the season off with a HOOLIE…we will talk to the drummer.

Executive Producer, Cadie Connors
Associate Producer, Andreina Byrne
Engineer/Producer, Ed Walker
VOICE: Doug Medlock
Music: The Elders,