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St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School incorporating new teaching techniques to keep children engaged in learning

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Children's experience in the classroom could change as some metro schools find new ways to keep them focused.

St. Paul's Episcopal Day School is one of the many schools in the Kansas City area updating the way they're teaching. From rolling chairs to standing desks, administrators say the changes are having a positive impact in the classroom.

"Anytime the students aren't engaged in the classroom, it is really hard to teach," teacher Mindy Stephenson said. "So if the students are happy that it makes us teachers happy, too."

Teachers say part of the changes include allowing students decide how and where they want to learn.

"That's pretty fun, you can scoot and roll around and rotate," Stephenson said. "Sometimes to just get out of the class, be by yourself, and it's more quiet so you can get work done."

From standing desks to in-class meditation, teachers say they've noticed an increase in productivity and decrease in behavioral problems.

"You have to be flexible as a teacher, but I'm the kind of person that it's fun for the students, and when I see that they are having fun and enjoying while they're learning and focused, that's all that matters to me," teacher Kelly Vanmaren said.

School administrators at St. Paul's Episcopal Day School say they were inspired by Rockhurst High School.

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