Friend wonders if man’s success in Kansas City, Kan., was motive to kill him

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A day after his friend was shot and killed on 71-Highway, a man speaks out about the fond memories he'll carry with him of Julius Harris.

On Wednesday, police spent the day following up on the deadly shooting that shut down 71-Highway for hours Tuesday night when officers found Harris shot to death in his truck.


Julius Harris owned a body shop at 18th and Park in Kansas City, Kansas, and one of Harris' friends speculates that the business could be the reason Harris was killed.

Richard Herron, Harris' friend

Richard Herron, Harris' friend

"The only thing I could say is someone was jealous, jealous to see a young black man coming up from nothing and doing his thing," said Richard Herron, Jr., a friend of Harris'. Herron is also a cousin of Harris' girlfriend, who is the mother of his children.

Police say Harris died inside his yellow pickup after he and someone else exchanged gunfire on 71-Highway.

"All of our evidence is leading to a gun battle," said Darin Snapp, Kansas City Police. "It appears bullets were flying both ways."

Harris' truck on 71-Hwy

Harris' truck on 71-Hwy

Investigators spent Tuesday night along the highway gathering shell casings and other evidence. Then on Wednesday they went to the body shop in Kansas City, Kan., after obtaining a search warrant to look for evidence there.

"Julius was definitely a good dude. He was a provider for his family. Stand-up guy, honest, probably one of the best dudes I've come across in my life," said Herron, who added that Harris 'didn't put himself in those types of situations' that would lead to a violent gunfight.

Herron says Julius Harris leaves behind three daughters and his girlfriend. The children, according to his girlfriend, are ages three, six and 14 years old. Harris was 36-years-old, she said, and was supposed to celebrate his birthday in two weeks.

"I hurt more for them than anything because you know, they're young. They didn't really get a chance to enjoy their father," Herron said. "He'll be missed very much."

Police did not comment on Herron's theory about the shop somehow being a motive in the deadly shooting. As of Wednesday, March 1st, police had not yet released a description of the suspect vehicle or made any arrests.


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