Metro man says it’s hard to accept apology from man accused of murdering father, stepmother

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- The Johnson County son of a Florida murder victim watched as his father's accused killer shed tears on Dr. Phil.

Twenty-year-old Austin Harrouff is accused of killing John Stevens III and his wife, Michelle Mishcon, at their Jupiter, Florida home, and injuring their neighbor who tried to intervene -- Jeffrey Fisher.

FOX 4's Melissa Stern spoke to the victim's son on Thursday about what he thinks about that nationally televised interview.

Harrouff was crying in the interview with Dr. Phil -- saying he's sorry for what he did. John Stevens IV says it's hard to feel sorry for the person accused of stabbing his father and stepmom, and injuring a dear friend.

“It`s been very sad. It`s a difficult thing to deal with,” Stevens said. “My initial reaction was that, you know, I have kids, I have a 5-year-old, and it`s just alligator tears to me, I think that Austin`s reaction of being sad may be authentic, but I think he`s probably primarily upset that his life of privilege has come to an end.”

Stevens IV, 28, says no apology can change what happened. Investigators say Harrouff used a machete to stab Stevens III and his wife, Mishcon to death at their Florida home on August 15th. When police arrived - they say Harrouff was viciously biting the man's face.

“I`ve spent some time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I`ve seen some pretty bad wounds, and Jeff Fisher`s lacerations were horrific,” added Stevens.

Police say he also tried to kill their neighbor, Fisher, who tried to stop the attacks.

“I don`t think Austin cares at all about our family, or the Fisher`s family,” added Stevens, “Austin can clearly remember what happened at the time when he murdered them, he said I deserve to die, Austin remembers what happened, Austin knows what happened, this is an elaborate lie, conceived by his attorneys to save him.”

In the 22-minute video, Harrouff apologizes for his actions and asks for forgiveness, but Stevens says Harrouff deserves the death penalty.

“They should execute and destroy him and his memory,” Stevens said. “My dad was a staple of that community, people loved him, he was 59 years old, he had worked his entire life, you know, he was in the Air Force, he did all of these things. Austin has contributed nothing, nothing, all he`s done is taken from that community and our family.”

Stevens says he knows Harrouff comes from an affluent family and doesn`t have any criminal history.

“But he killed two people, and tried to kill a third, none of that should matter,” Stevens added. “Just because he might look like you, or he might look like your kids friends, or your friends, or whatever, this is somebody who is very evil, and the people of West Palm should take it very personally that his family is trying to reinject him back into their community.”

“There`s a lot of evidence that will come out through the course of the trial that shows that Austin was of sound mind, maybe he was angry, maybe he was drunk, whatever...he`s guilty of this,” said Stevens, “We`ve been trying to live our lives normally, for each other, and just trying to keep their memory alive, but living with this every day is not easy, it`s not an easy thing.”

A toxicology report on Harrouff from the FBI came back negative for any drugs. He faces two counts of first-degree murder and attempted first degree murder.

He remains in the Martin County, Florida, jail without bail.

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