Northland woman encounters strange intruder, then minutes later is abducted & stabbed by man

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Northland woman survived a vicious attack by a man she says she fought hard to escape. According to police, the woman called them from the Gladstone HyVee at 72nd and North Prospect Tuesday afternoon after she escaped the man, who bound her, choked her and stabbed her.

The woman, whom FOX 4 is not identifying because the man has not been caught, said shortly before the man abducted her, a stranger burst into her home.

It was a woman.

"She just knocked, walked in, she said 'Megan?' I looked at her and she looked at me but she didn't seem startled that I was there," said the victim.

The victim said when the woman left, she reported the intrusion to the front office where she lives. Then she decided to go to the gas station. She said she got in her car and started driving to QuikTrip.

"That's when I realized somebody was in my back seat," she said.

The man had on a ski mask and was wearing all black.

"He told me he had a gun and pressed something against the back of my head, told me drive and which directions to turn," she said. "It was gruff. It was matter-of-fact. It was business."

She says he reached from the back seat and tied cable around her hands while she drove. The route he told her to drive became more remote.

The mother and veteran said while she was driving, she was trying to figure out what she was going to do.

"Everything he tells me to do, I do," she said. "And my mind is racing. How am I going to get out of this?" she said.

She says the man then forced her to park in front of a gate. He wrapped a cable around her neck and started beating her on the back of the head. He cut her arms and hands.

"At one point my face kind of hits the steering wheel," she said. "'Die, bitch die.' That's really the only thing he says."

He got out and walked around to her door and that's when she seized the chance to escape.

"I'm fighting for my life and he gets one good stab in and at that point, I'm woke up enough to say just drive, just get out of there," she said.

She said she stepped on the gas, left the man on the gravel road and sped off toward civilization. She called police from the grocery store parking lot.

The woman is not certain if there is a tie between the woman barging into her home and the man inside her truck, but feels it's too coincidental. Police confirmed the woman filed a police report and they're investigating.

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