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Blue Valley Relay for Life raises $1 million; helps area mom beat cancer for third time

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NEW CENTURY, Kan. -- For as long as Delaney Oliver can remember her mother, Anna, has been fighting Non-Hogkin's Lymphoma.

"My mom was first diagnosed when I was like 2 and she was pregnant with my sister. That was the first time," Delaney, a senior at Blue Valley High School, said.

Over the next 10 years the disease has come back two more times. Each time taking more of a toll.

"This year has been pretty hard. It’s been pretty brutal; it’s hard to go through your senior year with your mom not home," Delaney said.

But thanks to the work and support of the Blue Valley Relay for Life, the Oliver family wasn't alone. Since September 2016, the group helped raise more than $200,000.

"This shows how supportive this community is because it’s absolutely incredible. A lot of people are touched by cancer but a lot of the kids that come haven’t had any family members pass away from cancer so just knowing they still come here and raise this money just gives a sense of community and support," Sarah Baghdadi, a senior chair of the Blue Valley Relay for Life, said.

The money has not only helped improve Anna's treatments but helped her beat cancer for a third time.

"I’m proud of you guys. Keep up doing what you’re doing. It’s helping and I’m proof," Anna said.

"Everyone who has helped us, it’s absolutely amazing. We are so blessed to have the help and the support we get. It’s been awesome," Delaney said.

On Friday, Anna reached the goal of 100 days cancer free and will be going home on Saturday.

As for the Relay for Life team their work will continue overnight as they celebrate the work that's been done and build towards finding a cure for cancer.

In 2003, five area high schools began raising money for the cause and this year they reached the $1 Million mark.

If you would like to donate visit, click this link.