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Family of missing woman last seen at Northland gas station at their wits’ end, desperate to find her

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- It's been 10 days of pure hell. Those are the words of the father of a missing woman, Michelle DeLaGarza, 45, who was last seen at a gas station east of Liberty in the village of River Bend, Mo.

DeLaGarza's family members say they're at their wits' end. Liberty Police say Michelle was last seen at the Conoco gas station on Highway 291 near 210 on February 21st. Her loved ones say it's out of character for her to vanish.

"It's been 10 days. It's hard to imagine there's going to be a happy ending," Ron DeLaGarza, Michelle's father, said.

DeLaGarza has worked as a janitor at the Oak Park Mall Nordstrom store for two and a half years. On the morning of February 21st, she sent a text message home to her mother, Mary, saying she didn't feel well, and she was coming home from work.

"She would always call me or text me when she got to work. I always told me, 'Call or text me so I'll know you got there OK'," Mary DeLaGarza said.

Liberty Police Spokesperson Andy Hedrick says Michelle was last seen in that Conoco station, and that police are continuing to search for her. The store's security cameras show DeLaGarza shopping inside the store around 12:20 p.m. No one has seen her since. The store has posted DeLaGarza's photo on its front door in hopes of helping locate Michelle.

"Your mind goes from -- well, maybe she's over here and then, that gets proven wrong. Then, you say, maybe she ran off the road, and somebody didn't see her," Ron DeLaGarza told FOX 4 News on Friday.

The family says Michelle's credit cards have shown no activity, but her cell phone was pinged near the Cameron, Mo., area. However, police say she's still missing, and her phone and car can't be accounted for. The car is a 2016 red Volkswagen Jetta, with Missouri license plate PP7-S8X.

"It's like there's a big hole in the family now. We don't know where she's at and what happened," Mary DeLaGarza said

"Somebody has seen that car. It's setting somewhere. We just need somebody to call so we know somewhere to start," Ron DeLaGarza said.

Overland Park, Kan., Police recently handed the investigation over to Liberty Police, since a Missouri law enforcement agency is required to subpoena DeLaGarza's phone records. The public is asked to call Liberty Police with any information that can help locate this missing woman. Their phone number is (816) 439-4701.

The family has started this Facebook page where updates on the search are often posted.

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